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Welcome to Tudor House Fertility Clinic

At Tudor House Fertility, we understand that breeding dogs can be a complex journey filled with uncertainties. Our K9 Fertility team is here to provide expert guidance and proven solutions to address a wide range of dog fertility and breeding concerns. With a commitment to excellence and cutting-edge reproductive technologies, we offer comprehensive services to support every step of your dog’s breeding journey.


Our progesterone testing services aid in pinpointing the ideal time for artificial insemination or breeding, enhancing the chances of a successful canine pregnancy.

Sperm Testing

We provide thorough sperm testing for quality and mobility, addressing potential issues in the stud dog that may affect the probability of pregnancy in all breeds.

Dog Semen Shipping

Tudor House Fertility offers advanced services for freezing and receiving dog semen, providing breeders to access high-quality genetics from distant stud dogs.


Our experienced team is skilled in artificial insemination techniques, ensuring a carefully timed process to maximise the chances of a success.

Why Choose Tudor House Fertility?

Tudor House Fertility Clinic is dedicated to supporting breeders on their journey to successful dog breeding. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let us be your trusted partner in achieving positive breeding outcomes for your canine companions.


Proven methods and advanced reproductive technologies


Personalised care for each dog's unique needs


Timely and accurate results to guide breeding decisions


Our reputation


Comprehensive services addressing various breeding difficulties


Experienced K9 Fertility team